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When did kim se jung become only sejung? Bottle dates are stamped on the neck of the bottle. Evidence is a selfie photo taken with a friend, in which he has messy hair. Can you tell by the bottle what year the bottle is or is it just on the case?

That's the first thing that came to my mind when I saw the trailer. People are already at conclusion he is the one at fault because he is a man. And single mothers are a huge taboo on korea. But why public channels always believe by adding some mystery element will attract more viewers? It probably adds more pressure on celebrity couples having their relationship under a public microscope.

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So far he is controlling the narrative and is kinda looking like a dick. And why do people say he's got nothing to lose from this matter? He even had a slight custody battle. The statement read like he was. This is shocking, huge and also something new!

Not what I was hoping for or expecting, but it looks like it could be entertaining. That is no way near in what I expected from the first teaser and all but might as well give it a chance! But I guess I had to expect it when Sun-hwa got the role as a police detective. Lyrics describing unwholesome dating methods.

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Guess we really don't know what's going on with another person. He never had that kind of influence before. This should have been a clear and simple uncontested divorce but he dragged it right out there. Anyway we can't stop others, we Beanies will continue supporting them, i dating my two proffesional actors.

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How bad was their relationship to need mediation? Who cares about being cool by then. If the Petitioner is found at fault, the court will not grant a divorce. And please people, stop being a know-it-all. Especially since he had mentioned her and their marriage only a month ago in a positive light.

The show airs with English subtitles I hope this mini drama has a next

They could have filed for divorce jointly. Are there hidden words that I am not seeing? However once I poured the bottle, it was clearly there when I looked into the light through the bottle. Yeah, I'm not particularly a fan of either of them, but even if he was the aggrieved party, I think professional courtesy dictates that statements like this are worded neutrally.

  1. Often, the entertainment company that owns the banned song will try to revise the song and have its reevaluated by the broadcasting company.
  2. The agency said, he is not involved and those are a malicious rumour.
  3. Both are human and need Time to get heel.
  4. You can know a person for years and never really know how they gel with your life.

The following is a non-exhaustive list of K-pop videos that have been banned by one or more South Korean television networks, for reasons such as suggestive or offensive lyrics and imagery. He plain and simple threw her under the bus. Other times, they may alter the explicit dance moves or change a song's lyrics so that the song may still be performed on music shows, dating websites for such as Music Bank. Let's not make them handle murders like some grown ups.

Excessive ending credit roll. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Some women will not agree to a divorce for financial reasons since alimony and its enforcement is very lax.

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But if handled well, it could turn into hopeful, slice-of-life kind of story. When I read it my first words were, dude is pissed. It has nothing to do with rumour from Chinese websites.

Both statements were civil and to the point in my eyes. Definitely getting a positive review after this transaction. Samsung family and the big mess the became of the Korean drama Return, stages ask Google for details about the chaebol love of the lead actresses!

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This is what attacking looks like! Particularly when we have no real insight into their relationship and why it has failed. If that was intentional, I understand why people are critical. They are international celebrities, the pressure are different from plebs like us. After all, who are we to guess what had been going in another person's life, celebrity or not?

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Korea seems very conservative about marriage. Song Joongki has also applied for mediation. It seemed like they had everything. He has painted himself as the aggrieved party completely.

KBS Bottle Date Question

No no no, I had a bad feeling when the police character was introduced some time ago. One person alone is rarely solely to blame. Koreans seem to be painting her as the Korean Jennifer Aniston.

It also affects the unsuspecting drama watcher. The fact that there was no joint statement is adding fuel to the fire. Your email address will not be published.

He's like trying to incite he's been wronged and that's what k-public perceived. If you looked into her past romances, he's clearly not her type. He is getting a divorce, for Pete's sake.

  • But that is exactly what he is doing imo.
  • It looks pretty neutral to me.
  • The fact that it was not a joint divorce, the statement, the timing during his airing drama.
  • Jang Hyuk sits down to answer questions sent by our community.
  • Song Joong-ki and Seo Jang-hoon are not the same person, but I don't imagine it will necessarily be easy for him either.

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Will try it out when it premieres! It seems that the labels are all the same, but maybe I'm missing something. Next few month are going to be mess for them due to the all the endless fan and media speculation. Hence, save her image, easy.

Wow, I have been watching waaayyyy too many kdramas. It would be a real bummer if they did indeed rub them off as it the best place close to home and I'd probably cease my patronage. And because its them, people talk more. They were barely married how do they even have enough shared property for there to be a contested divorce? So I wasn't the only one who thought his statement was almost a personal attack on her.

For goodness sake, just let them deal with it. Lyrics alluding to sexual activity with three people. Inappropriate lyrics, including slang. Watch them make a drama out of their love story. Difference in personnality that forced them to divorce.

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Everyone going through a divorce goes through periods of anger. Seems out of his character but he did it, so again, there must be a reason to be that pissed. It can be both of their fault or either one of them. Wishing them the best in the future.

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