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But I probably won't be able to. It was just about perfect. Melanie Moore Contemporary.

Kessica and Casey are a new couple this week and they are doing a Travis wall routine. They are supposed to be the lost creatures of the sea- complete with a basket toss. One of the lifts was so phenomenal, hostess Cat Deeley even dropped to her knees and bowed down to the dynamic duo.

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Napoleon and Tabitha D'umo. That means Serge, Teddy, carly and Emily will be leaving tonight. Nigel liked that they made full use of the stage and enjoyed themselves. As Mary says, malaysia matchmaking services it was memorable and smart.

Mary loves this style but also thought it went downhill. Will next week be the first time she'll be up for elimination, after one of her more underwhelming performances? Available to Stream Watch on.

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The costumes- Valerie has the best doll costume ever complete with striped tights and extra stuffing. McFarlin Memorial Auditorium. Simon Fuller Nigel Lythgoe. Jessica and Casey are both safe.

  1. At the end of the show, show creator and judge Nigel Lythgoe presented his favorite performance, a contemporary piece choreographed by Tyce Diorio and performed by Melissa Sandvig and Ade Obayomi.
  2. And that is sad for me because I always wanted to go back.
  3. Christina tells them that their intention was absolutely clear and they felt every note of the music.
  4. The answer was a resounding yassss.
  5. These duets, as with all non-solo performances at this stage in the competition, are choreographed by professional choreographers.

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No further statement will be issued at this time. Teddy wants attention and has to work for it- and he does. She has two half-siblings Alisa and Kyle from her father's second marriage. The callbacks consist of a several-day-long process in which the remaining hopefuls are tested for overall well-rounded dance ability, stamina, creativity and their ability to perform under pressure.

Christina says that she could watch this routine all night and Mary agrees that it was by far the best thing of the night. The judges were equally impressed. Matthew Diamond Nigel Lythgoe. You are living in the moment. Last Moment by Christophe Beck was an amazing contemporary piece that made everyone look amazing.

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Melody Lacayanga Contemporary. Plus there was tons of running, jumping, catching, lifting, and emoting. Total standing ovation and they just seemed to float. Television Critics Association Awards.

At the end of this process, a small number of dancers are chosen as finalists. Her mother, Nancy Priddy, is a breast-cancer survivor. So, who among this remaining eight will be in the bottom four next Tuesday? She portrays a doll that he brings to life. Most of these are seen only once, but the Bollywood style has been featured several times per season since the fourth season.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Emilio and Bridget are up first with a Ray Leeper jazz piece. If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you. Each of the dancers represents one specific style of dance and only danced in that genre with a partner.

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Executive producer Nigel Lythgoe has stated numerous format changes for this season. Mary points out that this is a new partnership and already the chemistry is tremendous. Now they seem strong in everything.

He is getting stronger each week and I think being paired together is really helping these two. You used to be able to pick out stronger styles for each dancer. Following the closure of the season, the Top Ten dancers often go on tour for several months, performing hit routines from the season among other performances. These dance styles are featured less frequently than their ballroom relatives, but have been seen intermittently since the first season.

Screen Actors Guild Awards. Rudy matched her completely too with great partnering. The judges all loved this, however, giving the routine a standing ovation and praising Fik-Shun rightfully so for his growth throughout the season. Nigel said it felt like he was actually underwater and at peace.

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Nigel also agreed that they were fabulous. You stand out more than the disco ball. Ironically and bittersweetly, Tucker who had been sidelined last Tuesday with a knee infection was in the bottom four this week, along with Nico Greetham, Makenzie Dustman, glasgow and Jenna Johnson. Sabra Johnson Contemporary. Jazz is featured in nearly all performance episodes.

Rowland Heights, California. This is in contrast to previous seasons where the contestants walked down a long corridor to face the judging panel. Considering that none of the bottom four got the opportunity to solo this evening, it's possible that this tour de force was what tipped the votes in Jenna's favor and saved her this week. Kayla Radomski Contemporary. Voting has also varied by season and often within seasons with regard to whether the voter selected individuals or couples.

10 Quick Questions with Robert Roldan

Robert Roldan Contemporary Jazz. Normally I'd say Tucker would be at risk, but it's hard to imagine no one voting for him after his heartstring-tugging routine with Robert which was also in the pimp slot at the end of the show. It's a special night to see you dancing again, Robert. Nigel thinks they were both great and so in character. Mary explains the dance a bit more and she thinks that these two coped well with the style.

  • The move to the fall was short-lived.
  • Following the finalist selection process, the show transitions into its regular competition phase, which lasts the rest of the season.
  • Applegate said her mother was the one who wanted her to be involved in the film.
  • Christina is following the recommended treatment of her doctors and will have a full recovery.
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